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Empower and Encourage with Debbie Lyons-Blythe

Chef Alli and Debbie Lyons-Blythe

Empowering and Encouraging Farmers, Ranchers, and Consumers

to Connect Around the Dinner Table of Today.

Food is so personal!  And because we tend to think of ourselves in terms of the foods we choose to eat, dinner table conversations are more important than ever, bringing many questions to light that eventually provide us with a better understanding of not only ourselves, but others around us.  

Have you contemplated any of the thoughts below?:

  • What signals are our food purchases sending, both directly and indirectly?  Does it matter? 
  • Do what we eat and the foods we purchase define who we are? And do these choices tell my real story, or do they just tell the story I want told?  
  • As a farmer or rancher, are we so passionate and focused on how we raise or grow the food we provide that we forget the end goal of feeding people and what they need/want?  Do we fully realize how personal food choices have become? 
  • If someone disagrees with me over food choices, is that ok? Does that make one of us wrong.....or just different? 
  • Am I willing to have hard conversations about food and and how it's grown with people I meet, especially if they disagree with me? 

As you can see, it's more important than ever for ALL of us to connect around the dinner table of today. No matter what role we play - farmer, mom, chef, consumer, manufacturer, rancher....whom conversations are very important. 

I'm privileged to join my friend Debbie Lyons-Blythe as we take to the back roads of America to share high-energy presentations for audiences everywhere.  Full of life lessons, laughter, tears, and a good cooking strategy or two, Empower and Encourage presentations whole-heartedly reflect why Debbie and I are so passionate about food conversations of today.  We'd love to connect with you!

Please contact us for more information, and be sure to follow the Empower & Encourage Facebook page for weekly updates. 

Empower and Encourage Events:

Private Event - Crop Production Services
March 7, 2017
Buffalo Bill Center, Oakley, KS

Cowley County Livestock Association Annual Meeting
February 28th, Ark City, KS
Watch our presentation HERE on Facebook Live!

Kansas Cattle Drive 
February 18, 2017, Buhler, KS

Women Managing The Farm Conference
February 9, 2017, Manhattan, KS 

Women In Ag Event - Brown Co. Conservation 
November 3, 2016, Seneca, KS 

Kansas Common Ground Event
September 24, 2016, Manhattan, KS 

Women In Ag Event - Post Rock Extension District
August 29, 2016, Smith Center, KS 

KSU Collegiate Cattlewomen Dinner
April 15, 2016, Manhattan, KS 



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