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What People Who’ve Hired Chef Alli have to Say

As our KOC State Conference speaker, Chef Alli superseded my expectations in every way. She is faithful, honest, and compassionate and it shows in the way she interacts with her audience. She shared with us the ups and downs in her own marriage and gave us ideas for making our own marriages more fun and fulfilling - we learned that the kitchen is the perfect place to begin building intimacy with our husbands. After the luncheon, I was stopped by many women who attended, thanking me for hiring Chef Alli to share Project Pot Roast with our women. Thank you, Chef Alli, for inspiring and wowing us!

—Shannon Nichol
Coordinator, Kansas State Convention
Knights of Columbus


Chef Alli,            

     I wasn't planning on a having a life changing experience when I attended your Project Pot Roast presentation. However, it really did turn out to be a divine appointment and a turning point in my marriage and my relationship with God.  You see - - a whirlwind courtship and storybook wedding with the man of my dreams didn't turn out the way I thought it should. My heart started in the right place but it didn't take long for it to wander off track.  I was a bride that only wanted to make my husband happy but I quickly became a wife constantly wounded by my own unrealistic expectations and constant disappointment.  I just wanted to feel the love and romance of my courtship, but the world, along with my husband's behavior told me that was over.             

      Although we both loved each other immensely and had a mutual physical attraction for one another, we failed miserably with working through conflicts of any kind.  Every single conflict left me feeling hurt and unloved by the person who loves me the most in this world.  I was confused by the fact that I was wildly attracted to my husband physically but couldn't connect with him emotionally. This put tension in the realm of our physical connection and I didn't know how to break that wall and really connect with him in every way that God intended.            

     The bible verses that you shared with me were not new or revolutionary. I have known since I was a young child that the wife is to respect her husband. What I did not know - - was how to show that respect or what the word respect means to him. I no longer judge my husband's heart by expectations whirling around in my mind.  I approach him less aggressively, out of respect for him.  The changes in my behavior are subtle: a softer tone, a gentler approach, a more yielding spirit in the face of conflict, and verbalizing my respect for him more often and much more intentionally.  But the changes in his behavior are not subtle at all - - they are huge! This has naturally led to him wanting to spend more time with me, to us talking and connecting more, and to him being more intentionally protective of me and more loving towards me.  I have tried to nag and manipulate my self to this place for years without success.  The place between our hearts and our arms is the cathedral that it should have always been.

       It's hard for me to believe that God brought me to this place with a “cooking lesson” I enjoyed less than a month ago. . . but it is the truth! Thank you for your ministry and your courage in speaking the truth of God's love into the marriages of women that you don't even know.  Please know that He is working through you and your magical Project Pot Roast!  I have lovingly placed my husband back up on the pedestal that he started on and I will not allow my own behavior to knock him off of that place of honor again.  He in return has placed me back in the “priority” section of his heart.

Love in Christ from the Happily Married Woman I Always Dreamed I Would Be

—Carrie Holliday
Soldier, KS

P.S. Here's the real miracle:  I never would have said my marriage was bad - - but now I will tell anyone that it is great! 



Chef Alli really got us in the cooking groove as she shared with the women of Topeka Bible Church in September! We were encouraged to spice up our marriages by utilizing the five senses, culinary tips and spiritual guidance. The tasty experience of delicious Spicy Shrimp and Dessert Devils was a hit as well! Chef Alli gave us encouragement by sharing examples of how her own struggles in her marriage led her to a deeper relationship with God. If you want a high energy, delicious outreach for your church Chef Alli and Project Pot Roast are a must!

—Patti Dilberto
Women's Ministry Leader
Topeka Bible Church, Topeka, KS



The women in attendance were hanging on her every word. There were many laughs, a few tears shed from chopped onions, and most of all, hearts were touched. Yes, Chef Alli taught us how to prepare a delicious meal, but she also spoke wisdom, love and truth about marriage that hit us all right where we needed it. I wish every woman, everywhere, could hear her speak.

—Shannon Miskowski
Women’s Leadership Team
The Grace Place Church, Enterprise, Alabama


I recently had the privilege of working with Chef Alli and enjoying her Project Pot Roast presentation. I came away with some wonderful recipes and kitchen tips, but more importantly I was touched by her authenticity and her willingness to share her story. Alli has a heart for women, particularly young women and those women who may be struggling in their marriages. She has a wonderful way of connecting with her audience by sharing her passion for cooking and her love for the Lord. She combines wit and wisdom along with spiritual and culinary advice to bring enjoyment into the kitchen and renewal to your marriage.

—Nancy Alexander
Outreach Branch
Topeka Bible Church




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Chef Alli's culinary antics helped open my eyes to how our gender differences help us - gaining this new understanding took a lot of frustration out of my marriage.

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