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So God Made a Cattleman, and I’m His Wife.
Wait…How did THAT Happen?

Growing up, Chef Alli didn’t enjoy life on the farm. The work was never done, and her Dad was always angry.  She often dreamed of an urban life in an exciting city far, far away from that dirty, dusty, boring farm!Fast forward. Chef Alli has been married to a cattleman (who’s a lot like her Dad) for over 25 years and now proudly works as an advocate on behalf of Kansas farmers and ranchers.  As a self-professed Kitchen Crusader, she is constantly on a mission to help home-cooks everywhere conquer dinnertime, all the while having important conversations with them about how our food is grown and raised on the farm. Chef Alli has helped thousands of people learn about her love of electric pressure cooking – one of the very best ways to get dinner on the table in a fast, flavorful, healthy, and energy-saving way.      Let’s Get You Cookin’! 



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